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Flexi-Bounce Therapy is the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder as a complement to Rebound Therapy. It is used to provide therapeutic exercise for children and adults across a wide range of additional needs.


Most teachers and care staff who provide Rebound Therapy, know of the benefits and would like to be able to provide it on a daily basis.

A common issue for many special needs schools and centres is that they can only provide Rebound Therapy sessions once or twice a week due to their number of students and only having one or two full sized trampolines. And during holiday times, sessions stop altogether.
Some schools and centres are not able to provide Rebound Therapy at all because they do not have the budget or space for a full sized trampoline.


There is now a solution to this dilemma:


Flexi-Bounce Therapy for Children and Adults with Additional Needs. have developed a comprehensive, graded exercise and development programme for the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder by children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs. The programme is called 'Flexi-Bounce Therapy'. It enables students and service users to benefit from fun therapy sessions on a daily basis in between their scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions, and at home during holidays. 



Flexi-Bounce Therapy can provide many of the huge numbers of benefits of Rebound Therapy, for children and adults across virtually the whole spectrum of disabilities and additional needs.

Some of these benefits include the development and improvement of:  

  • Strength of limbs
  • Relaxation
  • Numeracy
  • Trust and confidence in Teacher / Assistant
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Colour recognition
  • Muscle tone
  • Height and depth perception
  • Eye contact
    and most importantly:
For more information on the benefits of Rebound Therapy, please click on the link above.     work in partnership with
PlayGrade Trampolines and Rebound Fitness
to make Flexi-Bounce Therapy available for school, centre, club, home and professional use.



For school, centre and club use - complete with certificated training course
PlayGrade Trampolines are the sole UK agent for the package comprising Flexi-Bounce rebounder complete with training course. Every Flexi-Bounce rebounder they sell comes with a certificated online training course developed by - the international body for Rebound Therapy.


Packages of six or more Flexi-Bounce rebounders come with a one day in-house training course run by 


The training course is ideal for teachers, trainers, carers, teaching assistants, physiotherapists, OTs, other healthcare professionals and sports coaches. The course will equip the candidate to use an orthopaedic quality rebounder for the benefit of their students and clients. The course includes video instruction, safety aspects, a development programme, and comprehensive instruction on how to accurately measure and record progress and provide evidence of outcomes.

Please visit PlayGrade's Flexi-Bounce page here for full information and prices.


For a further review and video of Play Grade's Flexi-Bounce,
Click here


This package is only available in the UK.



For home use 

Rebound Fitness have designed two orthopaedic quality rebounders specifically for Flexi-Bounce Therapy:
the Fit Bounce II model (for children who are more independent and able to bounce and  follow instruction without physical help from another person)
the Fit Bounce Pro XL rebounder which has a large jumping area suitable for those who require physical support or close supervision to bounce safely.

Both models are half folding, bungee design, making them super quiet.

They are great for families who are looking for exercise equipment that the whole family can use. 


  • FREE access to home use Flexi-Bounce Therapy videos & development programme 
  • Beginners DVD
  • Carry Bag
  • Lifetime FREE access to 100s of Online Video rebounding workouts of all genres

Rebound Fitmess offer two online / distance learning training courses for these products:
Flexi-Bounce Therapy, and
Flexi-Bounce for Confidence.
Both were developed by
For information please visit: Flexi Bounce Therapy for CYP with SEND | Rebound Fitness


Padded mat & handle bar available for separate purchase.


Ideal for therapists and personal trainers.
Fit several in a small car. 

Rebound Fitness have designed orthopaedic quality folding rebounders specifically for Flexi-Bounce Therapy.
The Fit Bounce Pro XL is ideal for professional use.
The product folds in half and you can easily fit several in a small car with the back seat folded down.  It is also virtually silent.
Ideal for professionals who travel to visit their clients. Also ideal for home use as it can be stored away in a cupboard when not in use.


Rebound Fitmess offer two online / distance learning training courses for this product:
Flexi-Bounce Therapy and
Flexi-Bounce for Confidence.
Both were developed by
For information please visit: Flexi Bounce Therapy for CYP with SEND | Rebound Fitness

For a further review and video of how the Rebound Fitness 'FitBounce Pro XL' folds and unfolds Click here

This product is available in

UK,   Europe,  USA

Please click on your country for more information and to order. 


For schools and centres that already have an orthopaedic quality rebounder, and only need staff training in how to provide the Flexi-Bounce Therapy programme, a certificated online training course is available from
Please click here to be taken to information on the online training course.


Flexi-Bounce Therapy Certificates

To award to students to encourage and reward them for the completion of each grade.

To order your Flexi-Bounce Therapy certificates, please click here:
Certificates are A5, printed on quality card and come with a
clear plastic certificate protector


To see a brief introductory video of Flexi-Bounce Therapy in action, please click here


‘’ advise six absolute contra-indications (exclusions) for any trampoline use. They are:

Pregnancy, Detaching Retina, Confirmed Atlanto Axial Instability, Rodded back, Brittle Bone Disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta), Dwarfism.

Further information about contra-indications is provided in the training course packs for school, centre and professional use, and in the downloadable exercise programme for home use.


There are also a number of other conditions which may be considered as increased risk for any type of trampoline use, and it is necessary for the teacher or carer to have a knowledge of disabilities and precautions which should be taken to minimise risk.


For all further information about Flexi-Bounce Therapy, please email: